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Cannabis Industry Experience


LMG Solutions Inc. provides its clients with high-quality, ISO-certified testing of cannabis and delivers the most accurate results in the industry. The safety of cannabis and infused products has emerged as an area of concern for lawmakers, public health officials and advocates as legalization has spread across the nation. LMG is uniquely positioned to set up cannabis testing laboratories in California.  The first, Alpine Labs West Sacramento and a second location to follow in Long Beach.

Three-quarters of the U.S. population now reside in a state that has legalized some form of cannabis use. The entire west coast has legalized recreational cannabis and, with North and South Carolina the only exceptions, the entire east coast has legalized cannabis as well for both personal and medicinal use. This trend over the last ten years of cannabis decriminalization continues to create opportunities for innovators and investors to take advantage of this new, and in some cases, misunderstood, segment of the U.S. market.

Cannabis Industry Experience


As more and more state and local legislators adopt new cannabis laws the need for testing laboratories are increasing. Our staff has been developing and consulting on cannabis testing laboratories since 2015. We have been diligent in ensuring our management systems and procedures follow current domestic and international requirements in the ever changing cannabis industry.

Management System Procedures


Part of building and operating an ISO accredited laboratory is remaining current with regulatory city and state compliance requirements. Our quality manual system outlines organizational structure, personnel requirements, Management System Procedures, ISO technical requirements, forms, and a training program. LMG Solutions also ensures we meet regularity requirements by ongoing audits and feedback as well as updates to methods and procedures.

Reduced Costs/Rapid Deployment


Standard cannabis laboratory development and turn around time can range 12 to 24 months. We reduce your development time by more than half from start to our first client. In addition to money saved by a quicker lab start we also have developed our Management System Procedures which significantly reduces the research & development time and cost.

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories


LMG Solutions will meet ISO standards for accreditation as well as any additional and/or unique standards required by  city and states as we expand into new markets. Upon laboratory completion of buildout we conduct an audit both pre and post our scheduled ISO visit to help with any needed corrective actions for our facility and Management System Procedures. LMG has systems in place to secure our ISO 17025 accreditation through third party auditors.


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